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January 2013, 2(1): pp. 001-005

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Introspection of parents – teachers’ partnership in educational achievement

Vigna Oza and Priyanka Nair

S.G.M. English Medium College of Commerce and Management Sardar Patel University, VallabhVidyanagar, Gujarat, India.-388120

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 16 December, 2012


The role of parental involvement in children’s education has become a central issue in educational policy and research. Although parents conscientiously send their children off to educational institution every day and expect them to do well, they can add an important extra ingredient that will boost their children's success. The degree of match between teachers’ and parents’ cultures and values, societal forces at work on family and school, how teachers and parents view their roles. Parent participation is the ingredient that makes the difference. When parents contribute effort and time, they have the opportunity to interact with teachers, administrators, and other parents. By staying involved with their teenager, parents can be a source of support, create a climate for discussing tough issues and serve as role models for responsible and empathic behavior.

Keywords: Children’s success, Education, Parents role, Responsibilities, Teachers



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