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January 2016, 5(1): pp. 013-020

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Training Project Designed for History Teachers: Evaluation from the Trainees’ Perspectives

Parween Mahmud Shukri

Assistant professor. The Department of Educational & Psychological Sciences. Faculty of Education

Mustansiriyah University. Baghdad- Iraq. Specialization: Teaching Methods


Accepted 18 January, 2016


The Research aims to evaluate the training program for teachers of History subject during the service to know the strengths and weakness through a questionnaire applied to a sample of male and female teachers who have passed the training program in the history subjects for the years 2013&2014 and numbered (30), a teacher and a school in the province of Baghdad has designed the questionnaire by two researchers of relying on an exploratory questionnaire and interview some of the male and female teachers and experience two researchers Co in the history subject, teaching methods and researchers have reached a number of conclusions, including :-

A- Of the strengths of the program

1-the selection of trainees on the basis a calendar supervisor jurisdiction

2-Was trained specialists

B-Either from Weaknesses in the program

1-free training curriculum of teaching aids and frequently used numbers

2-The timing was not suitable courses

3-Lack of diversification in teaching methods with neglect training on planning general.

The search ended a number of recommendations and suggested a number of proposals

Training Project Designed for History Teachers:

Evaluation from the Trainees’ Perspectives

Keywords: Training, Project Designed, Teachers, History, Baghdad

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