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October 2012 Vol. 1(8), pp. 143-155

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Governance, financial liberalization and economic growth: Dynamic Panel data approach

Amaira Bouzid

Research Unit in ENVIE, Faculty of Economics Sciences and Management of Tunis, University of Tunisia


Accepted 24 September, 2012


This paper aims to present an empirical analysis of the governance effects on economic growth. Our study presents the direct effect of governance on growth by using a dynamic panel model of nineteen emergent countries during 1990-2005 by using macroeconomic and financial variables. This article consists to discuss the direct effect of governance on the growth. It confirms the results of previous studies that show the positive effect of governance on economic growth for the countries adopted goods governance process and a negative relation for the countries adopted buds governance practice. These results can be influence the decisions of authorities on the economics politics approach.

Keywords: governance, economic growth, dynamic panel data and GMM system methods.



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