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November 2013, 2(11): pp. 218-221

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Full Length Research Paper

Oppositional defiant and conduct disorder in Ekiti State Secondary Schools, the effect on learning

Aladegbola, Ade G

Lecturer Educational Psychology Ekiti State University Ado-Ekiti

Email:; Tel: +2348062337330

Accepted 11 November, 2013


This study is concerned with finding out the effect of oppositional defiant and conducts disorder on learning in Ekiti state secondary schools. 600 senior secondary school 3 (SS3) students that were selected using simple random sampling technique constituted the sample for the study. A self designed instrument titled ‘oppositional defiant and conduct disorder (ODCD)’ was used in gathering data for the study. The validity and reliability of the instrument was ascertained using an appropriate technique. A research question was raised and answered in the study. The two hypotheses raised and tested in the study were accepted in their null form. Descriptive and inferential statistics were adopted in analyzing the data colleted. Findings from the study revealed that the effect of appositional defiant and conduct disorder is negative on learning in Ekiti State secondary schools. It was also revealed that demographic factors like gender and age did not cause any significant difference among the respondents. Recommendations were made based on the findings. 

Keywords: oppositional, defiant, conduct, disorder.



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