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November 2013, 2(11): pp. 203-210

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Full Length Research Paper

Value creation and Nigerian universities: a specification of leadership style and collaborative areas for national development

1Meenyinikor JND, 2Meenyinikor KND, 3Nwokoye P, 1Blessing ASOR

1Department of Educational Management, Faculty of Education, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

2Institute of Education, Uniport, Rivers State

3Liberary Department, University Park, Choba

4EDM, University of Port Harcourt

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 22 November, 2013


This study seeks to specify leadership style(s) and collaborative areas of value creation for National Development. It used literature review document analysis, 3 research questions, 2 hypothesis and validated self-constructed questionnaire that was liability –tested. The 100 Nigerian conventional universities, Jamb 2012 was the population and 10, 10% sampled to cover the 6 geo-political Zone and Abuja. It discovered Democratic Leadership style and 13 collaborative areas of value creation for National Development. It concludes that the identification of acceptable leadership style and collaboration areas are vital for individual, society and national development hence recommends democratic leadership principles and special training programmes for collaboration be intensified and included in Nigeria university curricula.

Keywords: Value Creation, Leadership Styles, Collaboration Areas, National Development.


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