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November 2015, 4(10): pp. 189-195

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EFL Teachers’ Personality Type and Their Effectiveness in Teaching: investigating the relationship


1Mohammad Ali Fatemi, 2Raziye Ganjali and 3Zeinab Kafi

1Assistant Professor, English Department, Islamic Azad University, Torbat Heidarieh Branch, Iran.

2PhD Candidate, English Department, Sama, Mashhad Branch, Iran.

3PhD Candidate, English Department, Islamic Azad University, Torbat Heidarieh Branch, Iran.

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 16 November, 2015


The purpose of this study was to investigate the probable relationship between EFL teachers’ personality type and their effectiveness in teaching from university students’ point of view. In order for this to be investigated, two validated and reliable questionnaires including Eysneck Personality questionnaire (EPQ) (1985) as well as a questionnaire on Characteristics of Effective Teachers by Khodadady (2010) were administered. Based on Morgan’s sample population table, the participants in this study included 171 EFL university students, mostly those studying at different departments of Islamic Azad University,  and 20 EFL university teachers who have been teaching courses of General English or ESP at different universities (Islamic Azad University, and Sama,) in Mashhad Iran. Firstly, the EFL teachers were asked to fill out the personality questionnaire and following that their students were to fill out the “effective teacher” questionnaire. In order to facilitate the process of answering the questions for the students, Khodadady’s questionnaire was translated into the participants’ native language i.e. Persian. Finally, to come up with a tangible result, the collected data were analyzed through Spearman Correlation. The analysis proved the existence of a significant relationship between teachers’ personality type and their effectiveness in teaching. The results of the study could be of benefit to teachers in having a more comprehensive awareness of their personality and accordingly do their best to boost their teaching performance and outcome.

Keywords: Effective Teaching, Personality, EFL Teachers

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