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November 2019, 8(1): pp. 006-012

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Comparative effect of Praziquantel and Mefloquine in Murine Schistosomal Resistance to Reinfection with Regards to Serum IL-4, IL-5 and IL-10 profiles

Soad Ismail, Soheir Mahmoud, Hoda Sabri, Nevine Guirguis, Rabab Zalat and Wafaa El-komi


Parasitology Department Theodor Bilharz Research Institute Cairo

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Accepted 31 October, 2019


This work is a trial to elucidate the effect of Praziquantel and Mefloquine on resistance to reinfection in experimental schistosomiasis Mansoni. It is also a mean to clarify the repercussion of giving both drugs on the worm burden, oogram pattern and granuloma measurements in these experimental animals. Again, this study aims to disclose the imprint of giving these drugs upon serum Interleukins profile with special reference to IL-4, IL-5 and IL-10 levels. A group of seventy (70) Swiss Albino mice was used in the experiment. This group was further subdivided into seven subgroups. Subgroup I: Infected control group: animals were infected with S mansoni cercariae, then sacrificed 9 weeks later. Subgroup II: Infected animals were re-infected 6 weeks post -primary infection then sacrificed 3 weeks later. Subgroup III: Mice were infected, then sacrificed 3 weeks post – infection, where juvenile schistosomes were counted. Subgroup IV: Infected animals were treated with PZQ 6 weeks post infection, then sacrificed 2 weeks post – treatment. Subgroup V: Animals received PZQ 6 weeks post infection.Two weeks later, mice were re-infected, then sacrificed 3 weeks later. Subgroup VI: Mice received MFQ 6 weeks post – infection, then were sacrificed 2 weeks later. Subgroup VII: Infected animals given MFQ 6 weeks post infection.Two weeks post treatment, mice were re-infected ,then sacrificed 3 weeks later. A normal non infected non treated group of mice was used as a control for measuring serum levels of IL-4, IL-5 and IL-10 in response to infection and treatment. In this work, treatment with PZQ 6 weeks post infection, markedly reduced total worm burden with disappearance of female worms. Animals reinfected two weeks post PZQ treatment, revealed 29.2 immature worms. While those given MFQ, then re-infected, yielded only 10.5±6.5 immature worms. Again, Praziquantel (PZQ) resulted in high significant decrease in both mature and immature ova with high percentage of dead ova (95%). Re –infection did not change the oogram pattern. On the other hand, Mefloquine (MFQ) decreased both mature and immature ova with 88.8% dead ova. However, re-infection following MFQ treatment resulted in a higher percentage of dead ova (98.8% ). There was a significant drop both in the number and mean hepatic granuloma diameter following treatment with either PZQ or MFQ when compared to the control untreated group. Again, infection markedly increased the IL-10 cytokine level. But treatment with PZQ, did not improve its serum level. On the other hand, MFQ significantly decreased IL-10 serum level, as compared to all infected and infected treated groups. As regards IL-4, it also increased following infection. But treatment with PZQ significantly decreased its level. MFQ also decreased serum IL-4 level. However, this level was still higher than the PZQ treated group. Serum IL-5 level significantly increased post infection. Nevertheless, treatment with MFQ markedly decreased its levels as compared to the other groups.  

Keywords: Praziquantel (PZQ}, Mefloquine(MFQ), Schistosoma mansoni infection,  Resistance to Reinfection, Interleukins (IL-4, IL-5 and IL-10).

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