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December 2012 Special Anniversary Review Issue. 1(10), pp. 244-252

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Structural model of factors influencing consumers' intention to use natural gas: an application of planned behaviour theory

1Tubagus Haryono, 2Ujang Sumarwan, 3Asep Saefuddin, 4 Hartoyo

1Graduate School of Management and Business, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

2Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and Graduate School of Management and Business, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

3Departement of Statistic, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

4Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and Graduate School of Management and Business,

Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 07 December, 2012


Oil and Gas play very important role in Indonesian Economy as a source of domestic energy, feedstock for national industry and source of government income. To support the government's plan, this study need to formulate the strategy of the Gas City development in Indonesia by identifying the factors that influence consumer’s perceptions, attitudes and intentions in using natural gas, which refers to the model proposed by Icek Ajzen (1991) which is known as The Theory of Planned Behaviour. Based on statistic examination toward γ parameter (Gamma) are able to conclude that there is a positive and significant influence from attitude toward behaviour, power of controlling behaviour factor and perceived risk toward the intention to use gas. In addition to, the demography factor is including a significant factor in forming respondent decision for using natural gas. The respondent in higher economic status, have more independent opinion (attitude toward behaviour, the consequence evaluation, control beliefs, power of control behaviour) to determine using or not using natural gas. The suggestion which come from government and most of user is turn out them to influence using the natural gas. Likewise to the respondent in middle and low economic status but they still also have been thinking about the perceived risk that might be come when using the gas.

Keywords: city gas, intention, Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned behaviour.



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