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December 2015, 4(11): pp. 225-231

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Creativity and Innovation: A Viable Tool for Entrepreneurial Development

Oluwadare, Ayodeji Abraham

Staff Secondary School, Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, P.M.B 1019,Owo, Ondo-State, Nigeria.


Accepted 23 November, 2015


Creativity and innovation are central to the entrepreneurial process. Entrepreneurship ought to begin with the creative act of creating something that would not exist without the entrepreneur creativity to the ability and power to develop new ideas while innovation on the other hand usually means the use of these ideas. The new idea can mean a new product, a new service or a new way of doing things. The writer of this paper notice that most business activities are not the outcome of creativity but duplication of existing ideas. Only few entrepreneurs genuinely sit down to create and market new ideas. This leads to unnecessary competition of duplicated business ideas and practices. The paper looks into how individuals and companies can create value monopolies by bringing innovative new products ands services. The paper concludes that innovation and creativity require readiness to make mistakes, to go down wrong alley even to foul in order to gain a huge competitive edge in today‘s business world.

Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneur, Business Education

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