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February 2013, 2(2): pp. 031-040

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Effectiveness of existing legislation in empowering people with disabilities

Emmanuel Munemo and Tom Tom

Programme Leader, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences, Department of Disability Studies and Special Needs Education, Zimbabwe Open University, Harare, Zimbabwe.

Programme Leader, Faculty of Applied Social Sciences; Department of Development Studies, Zimbabwe Open University, Harare, Zimbabwe.

*Corresponding author Email:;

Accepted 11 February, 2013


The purpose of the study was to determine the effectiveness of existing legislation in empowering people with disabilities. Data was collected using questionnaires and interview schedules. A population of males and females was used from among people with disabilities, support staff and caregivers. People with disabilities took part in the study. Caregivers and Support, staff were interviewed. Data collected was presented in the form of tables, bar graphs and pie charts. It was discovered that people with disabilities encountered challenges in being empowered. Financial and material resources were inadequate. It was also found out that negative attitudes were another hurdle to the empowerment of people with disabilities. The following recommendations were made: that people with disabilities should form advocacy groups to champion their cause. The government should increase funding to people with disabilities. Affirmative action was also needed. Employers should seek more information on what people with disabilities could do if they employed them.

Keywords: Disability, legislation, empowerment, Act and constitution.




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