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February 2013, 2(2): pp. 041-045

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Menopause in women: implication for counselling

Florence Undiyaundeye A

Dept of ECCDE, Federal College of Education, Obudu, Cross River State


Accepted 21 February, 2013


Menopause is a normal midlife transition for women. Sometimes is poorly understood particularly when proper information is not provided on time for the victim. This study examined the reaction of women to the issue of menopause.  A total of 350 female married teachers formed the sample for the study. A modified attitude towards menopause checklist of married female academics was used for the study sample. The respondents responses who participated in the study were analyzed using percentages.  The results showed that the respondents who participated in the study showed that most of them showed concern about how their spouses feel about them after menopause (98%), some feel that it is right to see a doctor at this time (91%), menopause seem to be seen as an unpleasant experience 83% in a varid way.  This implied the findings for counseling and counselors discussion. The main issue weighed the major skills the counselor needs to adopt in assisting them adjust with menopause condition and provide enhancement to develop positive impression towards the condition. The counseling involves communication of information to assist a woman in the condition in making informed decisions about her health.  A face to face encounter at this point is required to assist the woman in internalizing the information. She has received. The counseling session provide a woman’s medical history, family history, values, preferences and concern.  Respondents are given a chance to ask questions for clarifications. The objective of counseling therefore addresses women’s questions and concerns, providing patient education, facilitating informed decision making and enhancing the patient’s confidence in the decision made and in her ability to carry it out or modify it over time.

Keywords: menopause, Attitudes, Midlife, Aging, counseling Assertiveness Training, Cognitive Re-Structuring, Values Clarification.



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