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February 2014, 3(1): pp. 001-006

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The need to pep up the state of educational research in African Higher Institutions: A critical examination of new directions by professional educational researchers

Nana Adu-Pipim Boaduo FRC and Mrs Martha Danso

Senior Lecturer: Faculty of Education, Department of Continuing Professional Teacher Development, Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha Campus and Affiliated Researcher: Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, Centre for Development Support, Free State University, Bloemfontein Campus: South Africa.

Senior Lecturer: Faculty of Vocational and Technical Education, Department of Design and Technology Education, University of Education, Winneba (Kumasi Campus), Ghana.

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 27 August, 2013


The state of educational research in African higher institutions can be improved through the concerted efforts of higher institutions and their affiliated bodies like the various national research councils; for instance in South Africa these are the National Research Foundation (NRF) and Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). Educational research in African higher institutions can be advanced if a solid foundation in research is laid by higher institutions of learning, especially all faculties of education as well as all colleges of education which train teachers. This paper posits that educational researchers must be formally trained during their professional preparations in higher institutions and that not until a planned, constructive initiation and development of research culture is intensively facilitated in African higher institutions, the state of educational research in Africa will always remain at its lowest ebb. Furthermore, this paper attempts to provide introspective guidelines to make a contribution towards the advancement of educational research and the preparation of educational researchers for Africa in the new millennium.

Keywords: Educational research, development of research culture, higher institutions, faculties of education, teacher education and training institutions


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