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February 2016, 5(2): pp. 021-027

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Heads of departments leadership roles in improving mathematics and science teaching in Cape Town primary schools in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Frederick Ngmenkpieo

Walter Sisulu University Faculty of Education: School of continuing Professional Teacher Development Mthatha Campus, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa


Accepted 05 August, 2013


Instructional support for all categories of mathematics and science teachers’ worldwide is a necessity because it helps to support and improve teachers’ effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of subject content knowledge during teaching. This research paper highlights heads of departments (HoDs) leadership roles in providing instructional support to mathematics and science teachers in Cape Town primary schools of the Western Cape Province of South Africa and how such support could be improved for efficient and effective teaching of mathematics and science during lessons in classrooms. This paper draws on current literature and case studies of primary schools in the city of Cape Town. The author used qualitative research approach and descriptively analysed semi-structured interviews for the study report. Findings revealed that the HoDs provide basic instructional support to mathematics and science teachers and that their efforts in providing instructional support were met with a number of challenges. The most serious among the challenges were work load and time constraints. The study also identified a number of issues that could help to enhance educational policy makers and other stake holders’ decisions in their discourse to improve teacher support for mathematics and science teaching.

Keywords: leadership, environment, resources and culture.

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