March 2012 Vol. 1(2), pp 010-014

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Assessment of the implementation of continuous improvement strategies in manufacturing industry of northern India

Jagdeep Singh1* and Harwinder Singh2

1Assistant Professor, Bhutta College of Engineering and Technology, Bhutta, Ludhiana-141206.

2Associate Professor, GNDEC Ludhiana.

*Corresponding author E-mail:

Accepted 03 March 2012


Continuous improvement strategies are the way of making small incremental improvements in the manufacturing system processes. Manufacturing organizations are implementing many such strategies to enhance the performance of their manufacturing operations. These organizations  are in a constant need to maintain a low cost of quality, reduce waste, trim production lines and speed up manufacturing to achieve an maintain competitiveness. So, the continuous improvement of the manufacturing operations has become necessary. This study attempts to assess the importance level implementation of continuous improvement strategies in continuous improvement approach in manufacturing industry of Northern India. Results indicated that Customer relationship plays a vital role in implementing continuous improvement strategies and working continuously with supplier’s plays a least important role in implementing these.

Keywords: Continuous improvement (CI) strategies; Manufacturing Organizations; Customer relationship and Supplier.



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