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March 2015, 4(3): pp. 033-042

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Intervention Study of Life Education Counselling Effects of college Students’ Self-identity. Based on Seed Teachers of Life Education on Southwest University

1Liu Xiao-qin and 2Li Bei-ya

1 Liu Xiao-qin (1991- ) A graduate student in the College of Culture and Social Development Study of Southwest University, major in sociology and who’s main research direction is organizational sociology and educational Sociology.

2 Li Bei-Ya(1990-) A graduate student in the College of Culture and Social Development Study of Southwest University ,major in social work and who’s main research direction is Rural Social Work .

3 Financed by Innovation Project of Graduate Student Research in Chongqing in 2014, Paths of NGO Participation in Rural Governance: Based on the Empirical Studies in Chongqing. (Project No.CYS14070), 2014.

College of Culture and Social Development Study, Southwest University, Chongqing, P.R.China, 400715

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 04 March, 2015


At present, the eruption rate of college students’ psychological crisis events such as depression, commit suicide is gradually increasing. To investigate its reason, the researchers found that, the colleges’ students who are late teens are in the self identity crisis stage and their self-identity is relatively low. We will through a range of intervention of the life education practices to promote it. The article will use the professional method to evaluate, and understand the change effect of life education on college students’ self identity, and some specific effect. And as a basis to explore therapy factors that life education how to impact college students self-identity .And also to explore whether is the life education the effect way to improve self identity.

Keywords:  College Students, Self-identity, Identity Crisis, Life Education, Therapy Factors




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