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February 2014, 3(2): pp. 022-027

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Towards proffering a solution to the persistent religious intolerance which is a bane of development in Nigeria

*Fan Akpan Fan, Jummai Jerry and Onuoha G. Nnaraonye

Faculty of Education, Nasarawa State University, PMB 1022 Keffi, Nasarawa State Nigeria

Faculty of Education, Nasarawa State University, Keffi Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Faculty of Education, Nasarawa State University, Keffi Nasarawa State, Nigeria

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 02 April, 2014


Nigeria is culturally pluralistic with 455 ethnic groups and three dominant religions: Christianity, Islam and the Traditional African Religion (TAR). So far, the absence of a common loyalty to one religion or culture touches the social problems of Nigeria at the very core. Religious conflicts in the country have led to the enthronement of insecurity, discouragement of foreign investors and loss of skilled manpower to the nation. The paper posits that a religion in the true and only correct sense is a bond uniting men together, not a particular set of dogmas and beliefs. Secondly, that Nigerians should consider her diverse cultures a blessing and live in peace with each other. After all, from all indications, nature thrives on diversity. It is recommended, inter alia, that Nigeria should establish an Inter-Religious Commission with branches in all states of the Federation with a mandate to work out modalities for religious tolerance among Nigerians.

Keywords: Causes, Development, Effects, Religious Intolerance, Solutions


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