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July 2012 Vol. 1(6), pp 100-105

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Understanding on life skill education and adolescent reproductive sexual health in tribal districts of Odisha

Prasanta Kumar Parida

Asst. Professor, School of Rural Management, KIIT University, Patia, Bhubaneswar-751024


Accepted 25 June, 2012


Adolescence of age between 10-19 Years is in vital stage of growth and development. It is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood and is marked by rapid physical, physiological and psychological changes. This period results in sexual, psychological and behavioral maturation. Adolescents are a diverse group and are in varying situations of risk, status and environments. For example, they could be married or unmarried, in-school or out-of-school, living in urban or rural areas or have a different sexual orientation. Some young people are especially vulnerable. In the 15–19 years age group, only 60% girls attend school, as compared to the boys which is more than 80%.(NFHS-3). The differentials increase with age and area of residence, as only 13% of the girls aged 15-17 years attend school in the rural area. The objectives for undertaking this study are to understand the concept of LSE and ARSH among the tribal adolescents, to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice on ARSH among the tribal adolescents. We conducted a study in selected tribal dominated districts of Odisha. The major findings were physical change in early adolescent age and attractions towards enjoyment are the main focal points for adolescent. Due to this change the adolescent face physical attraction towards opposite sex. Knowledge on Reproductive Transmission Infection(RTI): It is found that infection in reproductive organs is known by 30.7% of the respondents, 23.4% of them have responded that infections through sexual contact spread and around 13% told to have itching in private body parts. Benefits of Adolescent education programs: It is observed that 33% of respondent feel that their fear in life has been dispelled and some have responded they are more confused in life. The intervention of LSE through the converge of different departments are essential. Before initiating interventions for students there should be intervention program to orient teachers.

Keyword: Adolescents, LSE and ARSH issues and tribal’s



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