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July 2013, 2(7): pp. 151-154

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Strategies for the implementation of urban and regional planning law of Kogi State 2010, Nigeria

Adeleye Rufus Olawale and Abraham Sunday Samuel

Department of Geography and Planning, Kogi State University, Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria

Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja

Corresponding author Email:

Tel: +2348053886097

Accepted 19 February, 2013


The paper traced the origin of Kogi State Town planning and Development Board which was established vide Edict No. 5 of 1991.  The Edict was promulgated immediately the State was created in 1991 by the then Military Administration. The Edict empowers the Board to undertake Development Control programmes in Kogi State.  In effect, all forms of development of land in all settlements (urban or rural, big or small) require the approval of the Board. For effective implementation of its programmes (under the Law) there is also the “The Town Planning and Development Interim Order.  The main Edict is divided into four major sections with forty-six (46) subsections. In 1992, the Federal Government of Nigeria enacted Decree 88 titled “Urban and Regional Planning Law (which supercedes any other Laws of any State). Consequent upon this, Kogi State Government enacted a Law titled “A Law to provide for the establishment of Urban and Regional Planning activities in Kogi State and all other purposes connected therewith (2010). This is the crux of this paper and under the new dispensation, there is the creation of Urban and Regional Planning Board in Kogi State, Nigeria to be headed by a Registered Town Planner with a minimum of five (5) years post qualification experience.  This paper concludes by recommending eleven zonal offices in line with the three senatorial districts in Kogi State, Nigeria.

Keywords: Regional planning, Law, Board, Kogi State, Nigeria.



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