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July 2014, 3(4): pp. 090-097

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Teachers and parents perception on challenges of formal education of youth in rural areas in Delta State

Igberadja Serumu

Department Of Technical and Business Education, Delta State University, PMB 1, Abraka-Nigeria.


Phone: +23470623644

Accepted 04 August, 2014


This study is aimed at assessing the challenges of formal education of youths in rural areas of Delta State. The survey method were used, 3 research questions guided the study. The simple random sampling technique were used, a sample size of 1,500 comprises of 1,250 parents and 250 teachers in rural schools. Data were collected, using the questionnaire techniques, 2 sets of questionnaire with 34 items each based on a 5-point Likert scale. The questionnaires were faced validated by 2 lecturers. Pre-testing of the questionnaire were conducted, an internal consistency reliability coefficient produce a value of 0.73. Data were analyzed using frequency and group mean, the mean were used with a decision point of 3.00. The study reveals that various factors pose as challenges to formal education in rural areas of Delta State. These factors include; parents, students, teachers, cultural, school administrators, and government. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that, parents should develop interest in investing on education, teachers should develop the right attitude to promote education of youths in rural areas and government should provide the required educational needs of youths in schools in rural areas of Delta State.

Keywords: formal education, parents, rural areas, teachers and Delta State


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