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July 2015, 4(7): pp. 123-140

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Full Length Research Paper

Application 0f the Communicative Techniques in Teaching EFL Grammar at Tertiary Level in Sudan

Ahmed Gasm Alseed Ahmed

Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics University of Gazira-Sudan


Accepted 28 July, 2015


This paper aims at investigating the effectiveness of the communicative approach on teaching grammar and language activities.  The sample of the study consists of 193 (male and female students) of general English language at Gazira University, Faculty of Education for the academic year 2013/2014. It used the descriptive analytical method. A descriptive-correlation design was employed to find out the effectiveness of communicative approach in teaching grammar and language activities among the samples of the study. A student's pre-test and post- test and teachers' questionnaire were used for data collection.  The data was analyzed by using a variety of statistical methods. The analysis of the data has focused on verifying the effectiveness of the communicative approach in understanding grammar and language activities compared to traditional approaches .The results of the investigation have revealed the following: 

1.         Using the communicative approach in second language teaching is more effective in understanding grammar and language activities than traditional approaches.

2. The Communicative approach is more convenient in learning EFL than other approaches. 

3. The communicative approach emphasize on the students' initiative and interaction rather than simply on the teacher. The study concluded with some recommendations

1.         Language lab is important in order to provide learners with opportunities to be exposed to the target language as used by native speakers.

2.         It is useful for EFL teachers to follow training used in other countries e.g. (China) in applying CA principles.

3.         Finally, further researches which are related to the communicative approach are suggested.

Keywords: Communicative Techniques, Grammar, EFL, Sudan

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