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August 2013, 2(8): pp. 172-175

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The role conception of a deontological code for teachers − a study of its role performance

Priti Kumari1, Sinha MN 2and Bina Prasad3

1Research Scholar, B.R.A. Bihar University, Muzaffarpur (India)

2Former Professor of Philosophy, Dean of Faculty of Humanities and Emeritus Fellow (U.G.C), B.R.A.Bihar University, Muzafferpur(India)

3Patna Training College Patna (India)

*Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 15 April, 2013


The role conception and role performance and their complete correspondence in the light of a Deontological code for the teachers form the theme of the present study. The field of ethics gives place to two approaches – Deontological and Teleological. The first deals with duties, actions and rules to be performed and adhere to them strictly and imperatively in their performance. The second concerns with their purpose or Teleology and, therefore, leans towards their evaluations. These two aspects of duties to be performed by professional teachers were exposed with the support of factual and theoretical studies undertaken by eminent researchers in the field of professional ethics in general and for in-service teachers in particular, enriching the area. Finally it was observed that moral and ethical issues in character education are slowly becoming important as a part of teacher education programs where role conception, role demands in relation to role performance are taking firm grounds in their complete correspondence with evaluations. It is proposed therefore that if one takes teaching as a career, one must be committed to it.  ‘Be’ a teacher, ‘Remain’ a teacher and ‘Make’ a teacher in his/her choice as a teacher in promotion of values and in the interest of progress of teacher education.

Keywords: Deontology, Teleology, Role Conception, Role Performance, Moral Maturity.



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