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August 2017, 6(3): pp. 047-054

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Assessment of mobility dynamics and re-settlement outcomes of land evictees in Uganda’s oil exploration areas; the case of Hoima and Buliisa Districts

*Joseph Ssekandi, Mburu John and Wasonga Oliver

Department of Land Resource Management and Agricultural Technology, University of Nairobi P.O. Box 29053-00625, Nairobi, Kenya

Corresponding Author Email:   

Accepted 01 August, 2017


Land evictions present a compelling global challenge to food production and food sovereignty. Uganda’s promised oil potential came along with the risk of marginalizing thousands of indigenous people evicted from their lands and threatened livelihoods of the affected households. This chapter investigated the post-eviction resettlement options by households and the livelihood outcome of the resettlement decisions. The study used a socio economic survey to collect data from land evictees; the data was used to determine the resettlement options and outcomes of the resettlement decisions. Results indicate three distinct resettlement options: national park, urban area, and re-integration into the community commons. Results indicate a significant drop in income for small holder farmers, decrease in per capita land holding and integration of the small holder farmers into nearby communities when compared to the other livelihood groups. The study concludes that resettlement options and outcomes are significantly determined by pre eviction livelihood patterns. Pastoralist retained pre eviction livelihood activities more than any other livelihood group. Small holder farmers had a higher risk of dropping out of this livelihood. The study recommends developing a deliberate strategy for resettling evictees that takes into consideration their previous livelihoods.

Keywords: Eviction, mobility, resettlement patterns, eviction destinations, oil exploration

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