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September 2017, 6(4): pp. 066-071

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Innovative contributions for improvement educational system adapted to the specificity of the Carpathian mountain areas

1Simona Ivana, 2Alexandru Nicolae Popescu, 3Ioana Irinel Popescu

1Center of Mountain Economy (CE-MONT), National Institute for Economic Research "Costin C. Kiritescu", Romanian Academy, 13 Septembrie 13 Street, Bucharest, Romania.

2Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agronomical Science and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest, Splaiul Independentei 105 Street, Bucharest, Romania.

3National University of Arts, Gen. Constantin Budișteanu 19 Street, Bucharest, Romania.

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Accepted 20 September, 2017


We proposed in this study to use the latest technological advantages in order to improve the teaching methods for the microbiology discipline, within the ”Mountain Academic School”, Center of Mountain Economy (CE-MONT), Vatra Dornei, Romania. Our research team will capitalize the professional experience by actively participating in the creation of the ”Mountain Academic School” in order to increase the quality and usefulness of researchers in mountain areas, as well as to provide a research and education environment with high technical and scientific level, attractive for young researchers in Romania and from abroad. CE-MONT is the only research center for the mountain economy in the South East Europe. Its aim is to strengthen research capacity in fields like the economy of mountain areas, agriculture, food safety and education. The center is located in the Romanian mountain area, in a region renowned for the quality of milk products and spa tourism. The overall investment of seven million euros was funded by ERDF funds and the Romanian Government. The center has 12 research laboratories, a conference hall with 200 seats, a library, a small printing press, and 2 mobile laboratories for field work. The CE-MONT goal is to foster regional cooperation and become “a pole of excellence” for the Carpathian-Balkan mountain area. In the discipline of microbiology, of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Agronomical Science and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest our team used a system that was tested on a group of 25 students over three years using innovative teaching technologies based on the combined uses of communications and information technologies for educational purposes by creating "informational and educational products". The development of communication and information technologies allows the learning of laboratory systems in a virtual learning environment. In this paper is described an innovative teaching and learning system that was developed to teach microbiological techniques. The purpose of the interactive system was not to teach the students manual skills, but to acquire other skills, such as interpreting microscope images, biochemical tests, etc. The system is fully autonomous and it has been used as a teaching support in the form of a microbial avatar that has been made based on morphological and metabolic characteristics of microorganisms. The microbial avatar has the advantage of learning by playing, thus rendering microbiology much more attractive for the students.

Keywords: EHEA areas, interactive system, microbial avatar, biosensor, voltammetry

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