Gobal Advanced Research Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology (GARJEST) ISSN: 2315-5140
November 2012 Vol. 1(8), pp. 203-210
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Diversity and abundance of spider fauna at different habitats of University of Pune, M. S. (India)

V. W. Wankhade1*, N. A. Manwar1, A. A. Rupwate1 and N. M. Raut2

1Department of Zoology, University of Pune, Pune-07, MS India
2Department of Zoology, GVISH, Amravati, MS India

*Corresponding  Author  E-mail: Varsha3w@unipune.ac.in

Accepted 20 September, 2012


The objectives of the present study were to explore the diversity and abundance of spider fauna at different habitats. The study was conducted at different places of University of Pune, Pune, MS India. In this study we observed the diversity of Spiders (Class Insecta, phylum Arthopoda) and efforts were made to evaluate the status of ecosystems in University of Pune. In total 32 species of spiders belonging to 7 families were observed. Thus family Araneidae was the most dominant family exploring 35% of species. The high species diversity of spiders in University of Pune can be attributed to the high diversity of plants and insects. This could be an important centre of speciation Pune region.

Keywords: University of Pune, diversity and abundance, spiders, araneidae, families.


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