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February 2013 Vol. 2(2), pp. 054-059
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Effect of organophosphate malathion on tissues of quail (Coturnix coturnix)

Felemban H. M.1, Mujallid M. I.1 and AL-Gehani S. A.1,2*

1Department of Biology, King Abdulaziz University, B.O.Box: 80203 Jeddah, 21589, KSA.
2Department of Biology, Taif University, B.O.Box: 21944, Taif, KSA

*Corresponding Author E-mail: saj_vip.99@hotmail.com

Accepted 12 February, 2013


The aim of the present study to investigate effects of the organophosphates insecticides malathion on hematological and histopathological changes in liver and illume tissues of quail (Coturnix coturnix). Quail were treated orally with ¼ LD50 (25mg /kg B.W.) of malathion for 28 days. Malathion decreased the body weight significantly at the end of experimental. There were statistically significantly decreased in hemoglobin content, and increased the number of leucocytes in malathion treated- quail as compared to control. There are changes in the liver tissues as indicated by cytoplasmic vaculation, congestion of liver portal vein, infiltration inflammatory cells in many parts of the hepatic lobe and increasing the number of Kupffer cell. The histopathological changes in the illume tissues showed increased in the size and number of goblet cells and cytoplasmic vaculation on colummale epithelial cell. We can conclude that the malathion induced toxicity in some blood parameters and caused histopathological changes in the liver and illume of quail.

Keywords: Organophosphates insecticides, Malathion, Histopathological changes, Coturnix coturnix.


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