Gobal Advanced Research Journal of Environmental Science and Toxicology (GARJEST) ISSN: 2315-5140
August 2013 Vol. 2(6), pp. 152-156
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Using of iron sulfide and hydrogen peroxide to treat the eutrophication

Ithar Kamil Al-Mayaly1* and Gergieo Tachieve2

1University of Baghdad –College of Science –Biology Department
2Florida International University –Applied Research Center

*Corresponding Author E-mail: ithar_abbas@yahoo.com

Accepted 19 August, 2013


Iron Sulfide and Hydrogen peroxide were used to treat and stop the highly algal growth (Eutrophication). Different concentrations of iron sulfide and hydrogen peroxide (F:H):(0.036,0.1);(0.072,0.1);(0.35,0.1);(0.072,0.2);(0.143,0.2);(0.72,0.2);(0.18,0.5);(0.36,0.5);(1.8,0.5);(0.36,1);(0 72,1);(3.6,1);(0.0,0.5);(0.36,0.0),(0,0) ml, respectively, were used to stop the algal growth. These concentrations were exposure to algal culture to test the ability of these two chemical materials to stop their growth. The results showed that two chemical materials have a good ability to stop the algal growth. The microcystine test was depended in order to ensure there is no algal toxin after the treatment with iron sulfide and hydrogen peroxide. The results appears, there is no residues of algal toxins in water after the treatment. So, it can suggest that iron sulfide and hydrogen peroxideare a good algaecide. 

Keywords: Eutrophication treatment, Chemical treatment of algal growth, Eutrophication solutions.


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