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September 2012 Vol. 1(6), pp. 166-171
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Evaluation of roan antelope habitats (Hippotragus equinus, desmarest 1804) in Kainji lake national park, Nigeria

B.T Tyowua1*, E. A. Agbelusi2 and O. O. Oyeleke2

1Department of Wildlife and Range Management, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria.
2Department of Ecotourism and Wildlife, Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author E-mail:

Accepted 20 September, 2012


The habitat types of Roan Antelope in Kainji Lake National Park were evaluated in 2007 to determine its plant species composition, distribution and structure in terms of diameter at breast height (DBH). The total count method and step point line techniques (SPLT) were used in the survey. There were 35 woody plants species in the Roan habitats. The six habitats were identified as; Afzelia africana(A), Burkea –Detarium (B), Terminalia (C), Oli river complex (D), Isoberlinia (E) and Riparian Forest (F). The following plant species occurred in all the habitats recorded; Combretum spp., Detarium microcarpum, Grewia mollis, Gardenia spp., Terminalia spp. and Vitellaria paradoxa. The result on structure revealed that DBH class of 1.0-20.0cm had the highest percentage of 42 and least percentage of 1.0 in DBH classes of 60.1-80.0cm in the Afzelia africana habitat. The Burkea – Detarium habitat had 54% in the 20.1- 40.0cm DBH classes. The Terminalia habitat had 28% in DBH class of 20.1-40.0cm. The Oli river complex had 30% in the 20.1- 40cm DBH class. The Isoberlinia habitat had 24.0% each in the 1.0–20.0cm and 40.1-60.0cm DBH classes. The Riparian Forest recorded 35.5% in the 80.1-100cm DBH class. In the grass/forbs plant species, thirty-two plant species were recorded. Only Andropogon gayanus occurred in six habitats of Roan Antelope. The ability to occur in at least three habitats recorded Loudetia bractolats.

Keywords: Evaluation, Roan antelope, Habitat, Park


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