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Impact of the addition of metal fibers on the strength of high performance concrete (HPC) 

Makhelouf A1*, Berradia M2 

1Senior Lecturer, Architecture Department, University of Chlef

2Assistant professor, GC Department, University of Chlef

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: 

Abstract 27 January  2013



High performance concrete reinforced with metal fibers is increasingly used in practice, particularly in the implementation of roads, airfields, towers and constructions. High performance concrete reinforced with fibers is now essential in the field of public works. Metal strands embedded in the concrete mass are commonly known as composite metal fibers. Their use has been necessary to reduce some defects in the concrete materials. The objective of this study is to see the contribution of the introduction of fibers in the concrete matrix with regard to resistance and ductility. Experiments of compression and bending using ultrasonic testing on samples of fiber concrete were conducted. From the study, it appears that the main role of steel fibers is the reduction of cracking and the security improvement of ultimate loads states of high performance concrete.  The metal fibers control the mechanism of cracking. Tensile failure of concrete with steel fibers becomes ductile rather than brittle. The introduction of fibers in concrete is a solution that improves ductility and reduces cracking. 

Keywords: Concrete, fiber, strength, ductility

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