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Evaluation of the direction of the chip in machining for different cutting conditions under the effect of the geometry of the cutting tool and the material

S.Kouadri a*, A.Bensari b, M.Tirenifi c,

a Superior School of material, BP  188 Beau-lieu , Algiers, Algeria

b,c University of mascara, BP 29 Route de mascara , Mascara, Algeriaa



Accepted 20 July 2017


This paper deals mainly with an experimental and theoretical analysis of the Chip Flow Direction (CFD) in turning process using flatted and grooved inserts. Turning tests have been performed to determine the CFD from measured cutting force components. Different cutting conditions have been considered by varying the cutting speed, the feed rate and the depth of cut. From a theoretical point of view, two models have been applied. The first one is an analytical model based on the discretization of the undeformed chip area. The second one is a purely geometrical model which assumes the CFD normal to the major axis of the projected cutting area on the rake face. The effect of cutting conditions on the CFD was clearly highlighted experimentally and by adopted models. It has been shown that the CFD depends strongly on the depth of cut in the browsed range of cutting parameters, while cutting speed has a little effect. One of main discussed results concerns the impact of the tool rake face geometry (flatted and grooved) on the CFD. Finally it has been shown that the CFD is independent on machined materials.

Keywords: Turning, chip flow direction, cutting force, tool geometry, grooved insert, cutting condition


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