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Automatic Genaration and Energy Storage using  Super  Conducting Magnetisim 

Sabita Chaine1 and  Chittaranjan Panda2 

1Departmemt of EL. Engg, KEC, Bhubaneswar

2EL. Engg KEC, Bhubaneswar 

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 15 October 2012



Modern power system network consists of a number of utilities interconnected together and power is exchanged between utilities over tie-lines by which they are connected. Automatic generation control (AGC) plays a very important role in power system as its main role is to maintain the system frequency and tie line flow at their scheduled values during normal period and also when the system is subjected to small step load perturbations. Many investigations in the field of automatic generation control of interconnected power system have been reported over the past few decades. Literature survey shows that most of the earlier work in the area of automatic generation control pertains to interconnected thermal system and relatively lesser attention has been devoted to automatic generation control (AGC) of interconnected hydro-thermal systems involving thermal and hydro subsystems of widely different characteristics [(Concordia and Kirchmayer, 2008 : Kirchmayer, 2002 : Kothari, 2007 : Kothari et al., 2003).This thesis work has been tempted because it could be a nice concept to meet the need of the power requirement whenever the load and power demand increases. This uneven load changes and power demand can be compensated by the Automatic Generation Control using various proposed controllers method. In a large integrated power system, the generation usually comprises a suitable mix of thermal, hydro and nuclear units. Nuclear units, because of their high efficiency, are usually kept at base load (rated load) close to their maximum output with no participation in automatic generation control (AGC). Thus the natural choice for AGC falls on either thermal or hydro generating units. Megawatt frequency control or Automatic Generation Control (AGC) problems are that of sudden small load disturbances which continuously disturb the normal operation of an electric energy system. The purpose of AGC is to maintain system frequency very close to a specified nominal value and to maintain generation of individual units at the most economical value and to maintain the scheduled tie- line power interchange between different control areas corresponding to the change in load demands. An interconnected power system is made up of several areas. In each area, an Automatic Generation Controller (AGC) monitors the system frequency and tie line power flows, computes the net change in the generation required (generally referred to as Area Control Error ACE) and changes the set positions of the generators within the area to the trend of the randomly changing load of the area, so as to keep the system frequency and the tie line power flow close to scheduled value. 

Keywords: Energy Storage, Magnetisim, Automatic Genaration

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