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Mapping And Analysis of The Density of Lineaments Around Kagoro Younger Granite Rocks In North Central Nigeria 

Samaila Crah Alkali 

Department of Geology University of Maiduguri, P. M. B. 1069, Maiduguri, Nigeria

Corresponding Email:; Tel: +2348069263114 

Accepted 14 October 2013



Mapping and analysis of the density of lineaments around Kagoro Younger Granite complex and environs were conducted by visual and manual inspections from four data sources, which were later combined to form the fifth source. Positively skewed values are characteristic results of statistical analysis of the data. Numerical values of lineament frequencies in the various class intervals range from zero for relatively stable environments to fifty where intensity of emplacement of the rock bodies were relatively high. Major lineament trends were found in conjugate NE - SW and NW - SE orientations. Main structural directions of the rose diagrams are the NE – SW and NW – SE and the structurally directions derived from 2D maps are aligned along NE – SW, NW – SE and ENE – WNW. These trends are consistent with the trends of the Nigerian Basement Complex and the Younger Granite complex. The density and orientation of the fracture lines revealed areas of greater lineament development in the north central occurring over the surface expression of the Kagoro intrusion and other rock units. 

Keywords: Density, Frequency, Lineament, Orientation, Rose diagram

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