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Quality Assurance of test results using the techniques of statistical quality control According to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 

Nazih  AbouSaleh1, Shaman ALAffash1, Hani AL Ali3 

1Professor, Department of Mechanical Design and ProductionEngineering, Damascus University , Syria

2Engineer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Damascus University , Syria

3Engineer, Department of Textile Industries Engineering, Damascus University , Syria

Corresponding Author: E-mail:Shaman_Lawrence@Yahoo.comMobile: +963 933 430361 

Accepted 10 September 2013



The research aims to show the importance of availability of quality control procedures in laboratories for monitoring the validity of executed tests , they are considered the important tools used in evaluation of performance level in order to ensure that all reported data meet the required purpose, however they help the customers or regulatory bodies for the selection of qualified laboratories. This research includes a practical study for evaluation of technical competence of Spinning laboratory in the Industrial Testing and Research Center. This laboratory adopts initially some requirements of the International Standard (ISO 17025:2005)  in order to gain the International Accreditation certificate, it uses the most common ways of statistical control tools (testing the hypothesis, control charts) to handle the results in a scientific way enabling the researchers to find out the gaps and weak points in the laboratory performance, consequently provides feedback and technical recommendations that will help finding the measurement problems and give suggestions to apply practical ways for performance control of analysis that fulfill all quality requirement. It also helps to remove the causes may affect the performance quality throughout all steps of analyzing. As these recommendations are adopted, the laboratory will be able to gain The International Accreditation certificate according to ISO 17025:2005. 

Keywords: competence , Quality Assurance,  Accreditation , Laboratory Performance.

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