Global Advanced Research Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (GARJETI) SSN: 2315-5124 December 2012 Vol. 1(9), pp 228-235

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Performance Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules under Shading Effect 

Mohammed Qasim Taha, Salih Mohammed Salih 

College of Engineering, University of Anbar, Iraq

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Accepted 07 December 2012


In this paper, the effect of shading on solar Photovoltaic (PV) models is evaluated by using a simulation model which is able to simulate both the I-V and P-V characteristics curves for PV panels. Four percentages shading states (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and without shading) with constant irradiation and temperature degree are taken into consideration of the result part. The results are extracted and simulated using the Matlab software. One-diode equivalent circuit is applied in order to investigate I-V and P-V characteristics of a typical Kyocera 54W and Solara 130W solar modules. The results show that the performance of both models is widely decreased and the models can’t charge the batteries if the shading more than 50% for single panel. 

Keywords: shading, PV, MPP, Solara, Kyocera, I-V, P-V

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