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New Adaptive Method for Voltage Sag and Swell Detection 

Mansour A. Mohamed 

Department of Electrical Engineering Assiut University, Assiut, Egypt


Accepted 17 November 2012



This paper presents an adaptive recursive least squares algorithm (ARLS) for detecting the voltage sag and voltage swell events in power systems. Different methods have been developed to detect voltage sag and swell. Some of them use a window technique, which are too slow when voltage sag or swell mitigation is required. Others depend on the extraction of a single non-stationary sinusoidal signal out of a given multi-components  input signal, and therefore they don’t consider the harmonic components in calculating the voltage root mean square value(rms). The method, proposed in this paper, is capable of estimating the voltage rms taking into account all harmonic components. The method is tested by applying it to different, simulated signals using ATP program, and compared with voltage sag detection algorithms. 

Keywords: Power quality monitoring, Adaptive algorithm, Harmonics, Voltage sag , Voltage swell.

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