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Thermal Modelling and Electromagnetic Analysis of 1000 kVA Distribution Transformer Based on Electrical –Thermal Equivalent Circuit and FEM 

Atabak Najafi1 and Ires Iskender2 

1Electrical Engineering department , Gazi University Ankara, Turkey,

2Electrical Engineering department , Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey 

Accepted 06 November 2014



The importance of transformers in the electricity transmission and distribution systems, is an obvious axiom in the modern day’s power systems. The top oil temperature (TOT) and hot spot temperatures (HST) in the transformer oil and windings is a important parameter that affect transformer performance. Accordingly, in order to have a transformer working at optimum level ,many researches and tests have been being performed. This paper studies the Electromagnetic Analysis and thermal modeling of 1000 kVA distribution transformer. The 3-D finite element method is utilized as a Instruments for viewing magnetic flux density on the transformer core .After electromagnetic Analysis and compute the load and no load losses of transformer based on computer simulation according to the use of the FEM that improved in Ansoft – Maxwell, thermal modeling of transformer and its results has been analyzed. Based on ANSI/IEEE C57 standard, the hot-spot temperature values of oil are used to calculate aging parameters which include the aging acceleration factor. 

Keywords: Thermal Modeling, 1000 kVA Distribution Transformer, Electrical –Thermal Equivalent Circuit and FEM.

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