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Modification and construction of motorized Bambara nut decorticating machine

M.A. Adedeji* and W.Y. Danladi

Department of Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering Technology, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria

*-Corresponding author email:

Accepted 14 October 2015


Bambara groundnut (Vegan subterranean (L.) verdict.) is one of the most commonly cultivated crops across the tropical countries of the world such as Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Kenya, South Africa and many others because of its nutritive and commercial values. There is need to construct indigenous, functional, avoidable and portable processing machines for local farmers’ use.  The main objective of this research is to modify, fabricate and evaluate a motorized decorticating machine using acceptable standard testing methods for its performance and cleaning efficiencies. The decorticator was constructed using locally available materials, the machine capacity was 60.0 kg/h at a constant drum speed of 360.0 rpm. The performance index was 53.93 % at a fixed concave clearance of 13.50 mm while the nut moisture content was 15.0 % (web). The decorticating efficiency was 83.20 %, the sieve loss was 23.67 % with machine cleaning efficiency of 78.9 %.  From the test results obtained, the machine could be adjudicated to have performed satisfactorily.

Keywords: Bambara groundnut, decorticator, threshing efficiency, moisture content and machine capacity.


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