Global Advanced Research Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (GARJETI) SSN: 2315-5124 March 2013 Vol. 2(3), pp 076-083

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Basics of Light Transmitting Concrete 

Basma F. Bashbash1, Roaa M. Hajrus2, Doaa F. Wafi3, Mamoun A. Alqedra4 

1,2,3 (school of civil engineering,creative project ,Islamic university of Gaza,Palestine) 

4(Associate Professor , Construction Engineering , University of Bradford - UK) ,Currently a lecturer at the Islamic university

Corresponding author Email: 

Accepted 20 January 2013



Energy saving and nice view are two key issues for infrastructure. In this paper, the development of a light transmitting concrete using plastic optical fiber (POF) is discussed and producing a new alternatives to entrench the concept of sustainability in Gaza Strip, which will help to reduce the consumption of electric energy in closed environments based on the traditional means of lighting, which can manufacture some parts of the exterior walls of the molds are made of concrete, transparent and that allow the entry of the nature lighting from outside to the inside. The experimental results show that an optical fiber can be easily combined with concrete and that the POF could provide a steady light transmitting ratio. This paper also discusses the mechanical effects of introducing POF into concrete specimens. Because the smart transparent concrete can be regarded as a “green” energy saving construction material it is a promising technology for field applications in civil infrastructure. 

Keywords: Light Transmitting, Concrete Mix, Fibers

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