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Components of travel behaviour and behavioural attitudes in Kuwait

Dr. Hana  AlSaeid, Dr. Farraj F. Al-Ajmi, Dr. Anwer Ali Al-Naki,  Dr. Mohammad T. A. Alkhamis, Dr. Talal Almutairi, Eng. Fawaz A. Alrashidi

Civil Engineering Department, College of Technological Studies (PAAET) P.O. Box 2458, Mishref 40175, Kuwait

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 05 March 2017


The main aim of this study is to assess the level of household use and ownership of private cars in the city of Kuwait using data collected from a household survey on travel patterns and social economic data. Kuwait has a population of about four millions; 35% of them are Kuwaitis and 65% are non-Kuwaitis.  The main findings from the research suggest a huge lack of awareness and public support to sustainable options of travel including cycling and walking in Kuwait.  This might be a result of the very hot weather in specific during the summer months.  However, there is still an unhealthy tendency to using the private car as the main option for travel where possible.  Transport policies related to raising awareness as well as restraining policies that discourage the complete dependence on private cars are urgently needed in the country.  The situation of Kuwait is very similar to other neighbouring countries, although it might be of a lesser extent. Further research into sustainability is urgently needed in order to reveal public awareness of the principles and concepts of sustainability and to attempt to build a sustainable transport system. 

Keywords: Travel behaviour in Kuwait, transport sustainability, transport policies, raising awareness


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