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Mechanical, thermal and barrier properties of unsaturated polyester Nanoomposite based on pet-waste for polymer concrete 

Shimaa M. Elsaeed1*and Reem K. Farag1 

1Department of polymer chemistry and  applications, Egyptian petroleum research institute (epri),1st ahmed alzomer st., nasr city, 11727 Cairo, Egypt. 

Corresponding author E.mail: 

Accepted 19 March, 2012.


Unsaturated polyester (up) resin based on recycling pet is widely used for the matrix of composites such as fiber reinforced plastic (frp) and polymer concrete (pc). Consequently, inexpensive and high performance resins are important for the future of polymer composites. One recent method for enhancing the performance of polymer composites are the manufacture of MMT (montmorillonite)-UP nanocomposite synthesized by intercalating the UP resin into the silicate layers of MMT. This study investigates the mechanical and thermal properties of UP-MMT nanocomposites.  The structures of UP-MMT nanocomposite were investigated by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Test results indicate that the mechanical properties and thermal stability of UP-MMT nanocomposites are better than those of pure UP. The glass transition and main chain decomposition temperatures of the UP-MMT nanocomposite exceed those of pure UP. The tensile strength, toughness and young's modulus of UP-MMT nanocomposites exceeded those of pure UP. Decrease of water permeability of The UP-MMT nanocomposite. improved performance of UP is very important for polymer concrete. 

Keywords:  Nanocomposites; Recycling; Polymers; Mechanical properties; Polymer concrete Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)

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