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Biochar from oil palm waste as an amendment for the remediation of soil disturbed by open-cast coal mining

Luis Diaz-Muegue1,2,* , Nancy Pino2,  Gustavo Penuela2

1Research Group GEAB-CIDTEC, Universidad Popular del Cesar, Valledupar, Colombia

2Research Group GDCON, Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

*Corresponding author (Email:

Accepted 01 February 2015


The use of biochar as a soil amendment in agricultural systems and greenhouse experiments has yielded promising results. However, little is known about spoil soil remediation using biochar. Therefore, the effect of the application of biochar from oil palm residues on the remediation of mine waste from open-cast coal mines was examined. Experimental seed germination and root growth of buffelgrass (Cenchrusciliaris L) and Brachiaria (Brachiaria decumbens) on mine waste were examined. Incubation experiments in Petri dishes and pot bioassays demonstrated that the biochar application rate influenced seedling growth and seed germination. 

Keywords: Mine waste characterization, seed germination, remediation, seedling.


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