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Quality Control of Cement for Works in Water at High Tenor Sulphate-es

Marie Annie Etoh 1, Daniel David J. Dina 1, CM Kede 1, Luc Meva’a Mbaze1, George Crevier Biyong 2

1Bio-organic Laboratory, analytical and structural, University of Douala, Faculty of ScienceBP: 24157 Douala- Cameroon Tel. (237) 633.40.75.69 Fax: (237)

2Cement Laboratories -Lafarge Cameroon B.P: 1323 Douala Tel.: +237 33 39 89 43 Fax: +237 233 39 04 89

Corresponding author Email:

Accepted 23 May 2016


In order to control the quality of cement for watery works at HTS (High Tenor in Sulphate), four samples of cement have been manufactured from a clinker-gypsum mixture ground into powder at intervals of time (30, 35, 45 and 55 minutes). Several analyses have been carried out afterwards on these samples: specific surface area, start making time and compressive strength after 28 days. The results of these analyses showed that the two cements with start making times of 165 and 114 minutes have respectively the specifics areas of 3130 cm2/g and 3917 cm2/g, these materials develop the best compressive strengths (54.40 MPa and 61.00 MPa respectively) in accordance with the norm XP P 15-319 of cement: [35 < 53.40 < 55] MPa and [45 < 61.00 < 65] MPa. These two cements are the finest and most reactive. Cement with start making time of 165 minutes is close to CPA ES 45 whereas cement with start making time of 114 minutes is rather close to CPA ES 55.

Keywords: Control quality, High tenor, sulphate, clinker, gypsum, cement standard.



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