Global Advanced Research Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (GARJETI) SSN: 2315-5124 September 2013 Vol. 2(8), pp 231-242

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Experimental and Numerical Study of Thermal performance of a Building Roof including Phase Change Material (PCM) for Thermal Mangement 

Mushtaq T. H*, Ahmed Q. M**, Hasanain M.H***. 

*Assist lecture**Assist. Prof. technical college Baghdad,

***Lecture university technology Baghdad.Corresponding Author


Accepted 13 September 2013



In this paper a detailed study on the thermal performance of a phase change material based on thermal storage for energy conservation in building is presented .An experimental set up consisting of two identical test rooms has been constructed to study the effect of having a PCM panel on the roof of the building .One, room is constructed without PCM forcomparison purposes. The melting temperature of PCM is in the range of (36.7-37)0C.Several simulation runs were made for the average ambient conditions and for various other parameters of interest. As the PCM has low thermal conductivity it offers the resistance for the heat flow and heat transfer was reduced by 46.71  compared to the roof without PCM . 

Keyword : pcm , compared roof , energy of building.

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