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Evaluation of Smart Grids and Turkey 

Mehmet Sait Cengiz 

Department of Technical Vocational School, Bitlis Eren University, Bitlis/Turkey,


Accepted 25 September 2014



In the global electricity sector, as the renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are included in the traditional grid system, it is expected to grow, to expand and to diversify. Therefore, the diversity of energy sources will lead to the problem of integration. The exposure to a more limitation for the reliability of power systems and increased security risks in the developed and developing countries increases the dependence on fossil fuels and raises energy costs. Smart Grids (SG) have become the most important mainstay to solve the problems. In this study, the effects of SG development in environmental, economical and energy sectors are discussed. The main obstacles encountered in the transition to SG practices in our country are also highlighted and suggestions to solve these problems are offered. A possible frame for the architecture, design and features of SG is specified taking into account the practical limitations. 

Keywords: smart grids, power grids, smart meters, distribution grids.

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