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Contribution of Shredded Tire Chips as Filler Material on Stiffness of HMA Concrete

Enwuso A. Igwe

Department of Civil Engineering, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu Oroworukwo, P.M.B 5080, 5080, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

(Tel: +2348037077751; Email: igwe2002@yahoo.

Accepted 06 September 2015


Characterization of material property is fundamental in the Mechanistic-Empirical design of flexible pavement. One of such key material property is the stiffness of the pavement which influences tensile strain levels and also necessary for either the determination or prediction of fatigue cracking synonymous with pavement life. It is on this basis, that the present study was directed towards exploring techniques that will improve the performance of flexible road pavement by modifying its material stiffness; in particular dynamic modulus, E* through modification using candle wax. The results of the study revealed that the introduction of shredded tire chips as a filler material into the asphalt concrete mixture produced positive significant changes in the dynamic modulus of the concrete. In addition, it was evident that the relationship was linearly elastic for all ranges of frequency investigated. That is, the dynamic modulus of the concrete linearly increased with increasing shredded tire chips content within the limits of percentage investigated. Also shredded tire chips influence on the asphalt concrete showed similar patterns irrespective of loading frequency; however rate of influence of candle wax on the modulus of the asphalt concrete increased as frequency increased from 0.1-25 Hz. 

Keyords: Shredded tire Chips, Filler, Dynamic Modulus and Asphalt Concrete

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