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The effects of fermented Liqour and methanol extract of Beniseeds on the Biochemical and liver functioning parameters of Albino-rats. 

Momoh, A.O *, Adebolu, T.T and Ogundare A.O 

Department of Microbiology, Federal University of Technology, PMB 704, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Corresponding author Email: 

Abstract 25 September 2012



Laboratory albino rats were grouped into different groups and fed with the methanol extract of beniseeds and the fermented liquor of the seeds for a period of 21days to assess their effects on the biochemical and liver functioning parameters of the rats. The result of the analyses showed that both the extract and liquor cause significant increase in the level of bicarbonate, urea, uric acid and calcium while the creatinine level had no significant difference. The liver functioning tests for the rats showed that both the extract and liquor cause a little increase in the serum total protein and alkaline phosphatase without any significant rise in the cholesterol level when compared with the control. There was, however a higher increase in cholesterol level in the rats fed with extract than those fed with the fermented liquor. The results obtained from these in-vivo analyses of fermented beniseed liquor and the methanol extract of beniseeds has shown that beniseed has no deleterious effect on the organs of rats as well as on their biochemical parameters. It is therefore recommended for human consumption as a good nutraceutic seed.  

Keywords: Fermented Liqour, Beniseeds, Biochemical, Albino-rat

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