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Effct of Supplementation Diets of Slipery Fish Level Fat on  Performance, Milk  Yield  and  Milk  Composition of F1 (Landrace X Yorkshire) Sows 

Pham Khanh Tu1, Nghia Duyet Hoang1, Ngoan Le Duc1, Thuy Nguyen Thi Thanh2 and Martin Verstegen3 

1Department of Animal Science, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, 102 Phung Hung, Hue City, Vietnam

2Department of Animal Science , Quang Binh University, Dong Hoi City, VietNam

3Animal Nutrition group, Department Animal Sciences, Wageningen University, PO Box 338, NL 6700 AH, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

*Corresponding Author: Pham Khanh Tu, Tel: + 85 54 3525439, Fax: 84 54 3524 923, E-mail: 

Accepted 01 October 2014



Twenty five F1 (Landrace x Yorkshire) sows parity of  2- 4 were used to determine the effect of catfish fat to late-pregnant and lactating sows on sow and their piglets’ performance. Sows were fed trial diets from 107 d of gestation until 21 d of lactation. Diets were: control without fish fat; 2% fish fat supplementation; 4% fish fat meal supplementation; 6 % fish fat meal supplementation; and 8 % 4% fish fat meal supplementation. The sow’s diet was made from the major ingredients including rice bran, corn meal, cassava meal and soy bean meal. Sows were fed 1.7 kg per day during gestation and 0.25 kg per piglet per day during lactation. Sows were were fed twice a day in the gestation and lactation period with diets containing 14.5 and 17.50 % of CP respectively. Calculated DE concentration in the diets was 13.0 –13.5 MJ per kg.  Milk samples were obtained on d 3 and 20 of lactation. Milk from sows fed catfish fat increased n-3 fatty acids on d 3 and 20 of lactation. Results demonstrated that feeding catfish lard  has significant effects on sow's milk yield, fatty acid profile and number and weight of weaned piglets. 

Keywords: Supplementation Diets, Slipery Fish, Level Fat on  Performance, Milk  Yield,  And  Milk  Composition of F1 , Sows.

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