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Assessment on the Acceptability and Consumption of Quail Products (Meat And Eggs) in Jalingo, Taraba State – Nigeria 

1Nyameh, J., 1Danjuma, U.Z., 1Abaponitus, A., 1Adamu, F, 1Christy, W. and 2Shugaba, S.M. 

1Deapartment of Animal Production, College of Agriculture, Jalingo ,Taraba State.

2Department of Agric and Natural Resources, Wukari Local Government Council, Taraba State.

3Department of Agric and Natural Resources, Wukari Local Government Council, Taraba State. 


Accepted 06 November 2014



The study of the assessment on the acceptability and consumption of quail products (meat and eggs) in Jalingo, Taraba state, Nigeria. The instrument used for the study was the structured questionnaire. A multi-stage sampling technique was adopted in selecting the respondents. Six wards were selected from the local government and twenty (20) respondents were randomly selected in each of the selected wards making the sample size of one hundred and twenty (120). Descriptive statistics such as simple percentage (%) was used as the tool for analyzing data. The study revealed that majority of the respondents (54.16%) were youths while 16.60% were above 46years. Similarly, 33.34% were applicants which mean there is a correlation between the age and the occupational status of the respondents. The result also indicated that most of the respondents (74.16%) have heard about quail before. Whereas, 62.50% have high level of acceptance of the quail products which was influenced by its availability and affordability (25% and 41.66%) respectively. On the other hand, the results of the assessment on consumption of the products shows that 66.67% have consumed the products before and only 33.33% have never consumed the products before. In a similar vein, those who consumed the products before, the result indicated that 50% were able to consume only the meat while those who consumed either the eggs or both meat and eggs were 25% each. The result, however, indicated that 91.67% of the respondents have accepted to encourage more production of the products in their locality. It was therefore, concluded that, the acceptability and consumption of the products in the area of study is high and has no negative effects on the health status of the inhabitants. Further study should be conducted to assess a wide range of acceptance and consumption of the products and more study areas could be covered to have more areas involved. 

Keywords: Assessment, Acceptability, Consumption, Quail Products (Meat and Eggs).

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