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Employers' strategies for workers' motivation in selected fast food companies in Port Harcourt, Nigeria 

*B.I. Isife, C.O. Albert and N.M.Amugo 

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics/Extension, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author’s E-mail: 

Abstract 06 December 2012


The study examined employers' strategies for workers' motivation in selected fast food companies in Port Harcourt. Specifically, the study identified the motivational techniques adopted by the fast food companies, examined the workers' perception on the motivational techniques used and ascertained the extent to which the motivational techniques enhance workers' performance. A sample of three fast food companies was chosen. They included Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers and Best-Bite. In each of these companies, opinions of one hundred workers were sought giving a total of 300 respondents. Data percentages, means scores, regression analysis and Analysis of Variance. The results were collected by the use of structured questionnaires, and the data were analyzed using established prompt payment of salary (85.3%), job rotation/ shift duty (95%), good working environment (95%), gift and material benefit outside regular salary (95%) as the most effective motivational techniques used. These factors agreed with the perception of the workers on the motivational tools that enhance workers' performance. The result reveals also that a unit increase in motivational tools increases workers' performance showing positive relationship. There was significant difference in the motivational techniques used by the three fast food companies at P<0.05. The study recommended, among others, that in addition to prompt payment of salary, the salary of the workers should be increased to motivate and enhance workers' performance considering the economic melt-down that have affected the prices of goods and services globally. 

Keywords: Employers’ Strategies, Workers’ Motivation, Food Companies.

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