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Pest Species Associated at Farm Animals in Assiut University, Egypt 

Abd El-Aleem S.S. Desoky*; K. H. Abdel-Gwad**; A. Maher Ali ** and A. A. Nafady*** 

*Plant protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Sohag University

**Plant Protection Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Assiut University

*** Pathology Department, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut 

Accepted 18 January 2015



This study aims to survey the farm animal pests, in addition to the farm animal ectoparasites and survey the rodent species and their ectoparasites, the pests of the animal manure were estimated also. The rodent species were surved by trapping in the animal farm, Assiut University during 2007-2010 recorded species were the white belled rat, Rattus rattus frugivorus represented by 52.86%, the grey bellied rat Rattus rattus alexandrinus 28.74% and the Nile grass rat Arivcanthis niloticus 18.4%.  Adult stages of flies found in animal production farm were Musca domestica, Muscina conicularis, Stomoxys calcirons, Tubana sp, Sarcophaga sp, and Phormia regina in addition to a single of mosquitoes, culex sp. The animal body surfaces were suffered with infestation of certain pests (i.e., lice on buffalo's fleas on sheep and ticks on cattle body surfaces).In soil of the husbandry animals, the recorded ectoparasites were Amblyomma sp, Haemophysalis sp, Pullex irritans and Xenopsylla cheopis from cattle sheds and Sarcoptes sp., the oriental flea Xenopsyllae cheopis and Sarcoptes sp., from sheep-sheds. Four species of mites were: Amerosieus sp., Hypoaspis smithii, Glycyphagus sp., and Tarsonemus sp., one species of hard tick, Haemaphysalis sp., a single species of fleas, Xenopsylla cheopis and a single species of lice, polyplax spinulosa were educed from rodent burrows. While on rodent species body surface. Eight species of mites; three species of fleas and two species of lice, collected from the body surface of certain rodent species. 

Keywords: Ectoparasites, Rodent species, Mite species, Sarcopties, Hard ticks, Animal manure.

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