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Temporal and seasonal abundance of fish species in Ikot Ebom, a tropical rainforest river, Nigeria 

1Imaobong E. Ekpo, 1Mandu A. Essien-Ibok and  2Bello Olusoji 

1Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Environmental Management,University of Uyo, P. M. B 1017, Uyo, 520001 – Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria 

2Department of Fisheries,Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

Corresponding author Email:; Tel; 08026073996 

Accepted 09 April 2014



Seasonal variations and monthly fish species composition of a tropical rainforest river was carried out for a period of twelve months using standard sampling procedures. The results showed a piscine composition of 8 orders, 16 families, 23 genera and 45 species. There were temporal and seasonal significant differences (P<0.05) between number and species of fish caught. Highest monthly abundance in terms of number of specimens was in June (81 specimens), this was followed by September (71 specimens) and then May (49 specimens); all portraying wet season abundance. The lowest was in March (7 specimens) during the dry season. The most abundant family in terms of number of species and specimens was Cichlidae (12 species) and (100 specimens) respectively and was followed by Bagridae and Clariidae (5 species each) and Anabantidae (63 specimens). The most abundant species in terms of number of specimens was Erpetoichthys calabaricus (60 specimens; 13.86%) while least were Auchenoglanis akiri, A. fasciatus, Oreochromis niloticus, Clarias anguillaris, Heterobranchus longifilis, Mastacembelus nigromarginatus and Schilbe auritus with one specimen only (0.23%). The status of these rich piscine compositions have remained unknown since the community is bound by laws which do not encourage utilization and development. Hence, this work serves as benchmark information and more ecological researches are needed. 

Keywords: Abundance, monthly, seasonal, fish species, Ikot Ebom, Ikpa River

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